It pays to use Sydney's professional scrap metal recyclers

Fair payment

You can be sure you're always getting a fair deal with us.

We are exporters, bulk buyers, and refiners of all ferrous, non ferrous and precious metals.

We offer free valuation and quotes and our certified on-site weighbridge means you are guaranteed a fair price.

We deal with public, trade and industrial clients.

For accurate metal analysis and fast, reliable and friendly service, call Total Scrap Metals Recycling Pty Ltd.

Scrap metal weight bridge in Sydney

Trained and qualified

Total Scrap Metals Recycling Pty Ltd has a team of highly trained and qualified scrap metal inspectors. We can provide the best scrap metal disposal solution for you.

We offer bin services for salvaging of metals from worksites, and our metal analysis services guarantees top prices for any grade of metal. We also offer metal analysis services.

We offer a prompt pick-up and bin service for commercial/trade quantities anywhere in Sydney.